8 Things They Don’t Tell You about Asian Wedding Planning

There are a large number of things, you have to schedule before organizing the wonderful day of your life. When you are an Asian couple, your wedding is going to be a grand party with a huge number of guests and lots of traditional rituals. Along with planning your big day you also have to maintain the coordination and peace in your families and relatives without hurting someone’s emotions.

From booking a luxury Asian wedding venue in London to booking a priest, a dress designer, caterer, wedding planner, there are lots of things to manage. A person goes under different emotional states and mood swings. No one will tell you about some little but important things you might have to face during your wedding.

How to Handle Your Family

Coz it’s your day and you have to handle all clashes between you both and your families. In Asian culture, the family always comes on the first. Most of the times a couple has to face the opinion differences regarding different occasions on their wedding. In order to make your wedding a lifetime experience, you both have some special planning’s and expectations. Families have the main concern to follow all traditions and rituals. Somewhere your thoughts can differ for a particular situation. Hence discuss all your plans with your both families and clarify all the things in an ideal manner. It is the best way to get rid off from the unnecessary stress of a failed ceremony.

Respect Everyone’s Opinions

Each individual might have a different perspective regarding a person or situation. Even your relatives may differ in their opinions for booking one of the best Asian wedding venues in East London or to each other. Here you should arrange an open conversation and consider the opinions of each individual. Then by playing clever and without hurting someone’s emotion, you should plan for the biggest day of your life to make it successful in all possible ways.

You can be annoyed in Deciding the Guest Number

Identifying an accurate account of your guest is possibly a hassle and strenuous task. Having a true idea of guest numbers is crucial to arrange the things perfectly on your big day. So be calm and sit together. Discuss and decide how many guests are going to attend your pre-wedding, wedding and reception functions.

You can’t Make Everything to be Perfect

There are lots of things which come with uncertainty. You cannot control everything in your hand. Therefore understand that everything won’t be perfect ever. Doesn’t matter how logically you are planning but their execution will be in the same order is hard to predict.

It Takes A Quality Amount of Time to Plan a Perfect Asian Wedding

It quite sounds weird but an average Asian wedding takes approx 350 hours to be planned. Remaining functions of your engagement, Pre wedding and reception party also need a large amount of your quality time. To get rid of the planning struggles, most of the peoples are hiring a wedding planner to organize the whole function in a perfect way.

There are Fair Chances to Skip Something to Execute

Asian weddings are the full package of so many rituals and traditions. People differ in their cultures and operations. Though you are paying full attention concerning the execution of each and every task on time still there is something you will definitely get to forget. Try to enlist all the rituals and their respective timings to complete.

You will have some strange feelings in your leading week to the weddings

For an Asian bride planning her wedding is an actual emotional journey. She has a lot of things in her mind related to her new family and their lifestyles. From anxiety, fear, and excitement there are various emotions she goes through concerning the job change, further adjustments and of course leaving her beloveds behind her. Same for the boys. They also think about their future responsibilities and perfect chemistry between his newly wedded wife and lovely family.

Even Your guests won’t notice your finer decor

The finer details of Asian weddings take a lot of efforts and have great importance for both the bride and the groom. But it is the saddest truth that your guest won’t take interest in going details with your finer as their main attractions are you and your family. They are only interested in taking the part of your rituals not in the decorations.

It is your wedding, one of the most awaited moments for you both the groom and the bride. Together with you, your families also have lots of concerns and hopes associated with the occasion. It is imperative to finish all programs in the same way as they should. Discuss your opinions with your friends and relatives and conclude a way that will be appreciated by all of them. Listen to everyone but always follow your heart coz the day is yours only.

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